Peeling Lips

Dry and peeling lips are repulsive no matter how pleasing your personality is. Pulling the dry skin from lips straight away can cause bleeding and wounds can get infected. Very often this happen in winter season but dehydration in summer also contributes. There are two major factors that make the skin at lips more vulnerable to weather conditions.

The first one is the structure of lip skin which is four times thinner than the skin covering rest of the body and the other is the absence of oil making glands in the lips. Because of these natural handicaps lips can not recover the lost moisture due to dry winters or when exposed to summer heat. Moisture loss is the major factor behind peeling lips condition.

Preventive Tips
In a great number of cases, peeling lips can not be healed easily and the skin loss happens in a repetitive manner. Prevention is the most excellent way to help lips retain their original shape. Keeping the body well hydrated controls moisture loss and lips do not suffer dryness. As discussed above, seasonal variations affect the lips very easily and so they need protection against weather extremities. In winters alcohol free lip balms keep them well moisturized and for sunny weather sunscreens balms can help. Beauty products do have allergic reactions on skin and ladies should be careful with their selection. Some medicines can also dry the skin and self medication should be avoided. Balanced diet not only bolsters body health in general but has positive effects on skin as well.

Home remedies have worked better to heal peeling lips than the usual medicine. Natural oils like Olive oil, Aloe Vera oil, and unsalted butter are commonly used for an instant relief to dry lips. Vitamin E gel and petroleum jelly also serves the same purpose. For chronic and recurring cracking of the lips there is nothing like natural medicine that provides overnight relief.

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