How to Pick Up Girls

For some guys picking up girls is like going to the market – they see what they want, they pick it up and then they take it home.  For the rest of us it can be a little trickier.  Knowing how to pick up girls is one of those skills that most of us have to learn.


Learning how to pick up girls is fairly simple, once you understand a few facts about women.


Fact one:  Looks aren’t at the top of a girls list.  There are other characteristics that are far more important, such as self-confidence.  An average-looking guy who’s confident in himself is much more attractive than a good-looking guy who needs coddling.


Fact two:  You will only get the kind of girl you think you deserve.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just an average looking guy, how much money you have, or anything else.  If you THINK you can only pick up girls that are 7’s or 8’s, then that’s who you’re going to attract.  Beautiful women are attracted to the man who believes that he deserves the best.  Set your sights higher!


Fact three:  It’s never too late.  Be willing to learn from your mistakes and go on.  When it comes on knowing how to pick up girls, your mistakes are your best learning tool.  When you find that something you tried didn’t work, then just chuck that and do something else.


In learning how to pick up girls, one of the easiest methods is to approach groups of girls together.  Although this may sound a little intimidating, it’s actually very easy, and its’ a lot of fun.  You’re not approaching them all to for a date; you start out by just being social.  Your whole goal at this point is to have fun with this group.


Once you’re all having fun, then begin to single out the girl that you connect the best with.  Before you know it, you’ll have her name and number.  And if you continue with flirting, touching, whispering in her ear, etc., then you’ll be taking her home for the evening.


Knowing how to pick up girls is a lot of fun.  Just relax and go for it!



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