Ideas to Brighten Up a Gloomy Hallway

Hallways have always remained an essential part of any house. In the eighteenth century, there was a great focus on making hallways lavish and extravagant. For the plain reason that they give a comforting and cozy feel to guests. There cannot be any better welcome than this. However, in modern day housing, hallways have lost their importance. Even in a luxury home, you will find the hallways are really tiny. This is because in the luxury homes for sale, the dimensions for rooms are increased which really decreases space in the corridor. In any case, if a gloomy hallway is your problem, then all it needs is some slight modification.

You can try a number of modifications to add an inviting feel to your corridors. No matter how tiny, gloomy, or confined your hallway is, you can surely brighten it up with some innovative ideas. Here are some suggestions that might come in handy.

The first thing that needs to be considered is obviously the door. Although a dark colored door will look fabulous from the outside, it is not necessary to carry the same color in the interior part of the door. Try applying soft colors for the interior finish. Bright colors are light reflectors and improve the feel of the place.

A door that is primarily made of glass will be ideal in case your corridor is too confined. This will naturally brighten up your hallway during the daytime and you would not need to switch the lights on every time you enter it. Many people do not find glass to be secure. For all those who do not find it secure, they need to check out the laminated glass for sure. This glass is ideally designed to provide security. Moreover if you cannot tolerate any intrusions in your privacy, then you can opt for obscure glass designs. The best thing about these designs is that they allow light to pass, but are very difficult to look through. Besides this, you can even go for bevels that give off some fabulous colors in sunlight.

Next up is the paint of your corridor. For this one, an obviously bright color should be your first choice. But do not get shocked by the fact that many people paint their hallways dark. This further makes the place depressing and smaller. With a coat of bright colors, you can surely rejuvenate your hallways. What is more is that soft colors will reflect the light coming through glass panes. Plus, it makes the space look even bigger.

Lighting also has an important part in your hallways. Try scattering lights to brighten your corridors. They will bounce off from the walls and give a more natural look to the place.

To make your hallway roomy, reflection plays a greater part. Therefore, adding mirrors to the corridor will make the place look more spacious. Mirrors provide an additional depth to the place making it look even bigger.

So there you are, make a few improvements and see what a massive difference it makes to your hallway.

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