Lipstick Color Choice Tips

Lipstick can metamorphose any woman, but on condition that it is a good and pertinent lipstick. It is not so difficult to find a perfect brand to use, but what about texture and color… there things are worse than you think for. A mismatched lipstick can make sad work of your make up.

The question is that lipstick usually does not have the same color in the tube and after you’ve applied it. That is the first problem, the consistence is the other. You may choose liquid lipstick, cream lipstick or traditional solid form, herewith permanent lipsticks usually overdry your lips skin, and by the way everything depends on the skin type.

The color choice depends on what are you looking for. Basic tones of your lipstick may create different impressions:

Red or pink colors. Warm and deep colors as well. Make your face look more bright and appreciable. These are classic style colors. But, take care! These colors, especially red can make more noticeable all the red tones in your skin.

Yellow or orange colors. They make your face warmer, and softer. These colors are ideally suited for warm skin tones, but do not fit for really pale faces at all, looks unnatural. They can also emphasize the green or blue undertones in your skin. Drop the handkerchief to the yellow tone; it is fit to more people than orange. If you over-indulge orange your skin can look gray and withered.

Green and blue ones. This casts can make the lipstick color deeper. Look at it with great care! And better stay away.

Silver and grey. Give twinkle, gentleness, deepness to your lips. Visually volumize lips and stump contour, that is why they are so popular now.

When you will use your new lipstick:
– Try not to copy in your real lips color, but to choose a color that complements your skin tone and shade the natural color of your lips.

– If you are not teen, prefer medium tones (pinks, peaches and beiges), no extreme colors.

– Try deeper colors if you have dark hair and light skin (choose caramel or deep pink).

– If you have medium skin and hair you may try any color you wish, being geared to your eyes color.

– Leave plum or wine lipstick for women with dark skin.

– Use light browns if you have an olive skin tone or have a perfect tan.

– Remember about your eye makeup, it should belong together your lipstick and as any makeup accentuate your beauty and individuality.

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