Cool Summer Makeup

In extremely hot in summer, you do not crush on the makeup of many problems, not the makeup, under the sun will face in the shiny, uneven skin color, face dark, revealing a part of summer burnout; on the makeup, the temperature of up to three more than ten degrees, even if only a moment, may also be smudged makeup, even in a moment, the makeup look may also be dizzy, left turn pale. Therefore, upset over, how to learn a kind already can let skin looks cool and refreshing skin and muscle jade ice clinking make-up skills, become the summer in most urgent need to study the topic.
Although there is information constantly remind us of the terrible ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, but with the sun close to the human heart is not stopped Moreover, moderate sun exposure is necessary, but also beneficial to skin health. Now, MAC cosmetics, professional artists from around the world to establish, implement and polished makeup look will appear in the fashion runway in the world’s major cities.
The make-up under the sun, to note the following points:
The first is the maintenance of the makeup before, do not need a maintenance program too rich, you can choose more fresh, the infiltration of the skin care products, oil products can reduce the use. Do not need to use the Cream, because basically foundation already has isolation, do not need a layer of Cream, increasing the burden on the skin. Intimate reminder: To do the basic maintenance routine, because smooth skin will make easier attachment. In addition, the summer skin oil production will be relatively strong, especially the most vulnerable part of T-weeping, so there are some tips to make you feel fresh after the makeup and lasting. You can complete the cleaning and basic maintenance procedures, ice, ice with a towel wrap about the face, calm face, pores, making skin feel cool and comfortable.
Foundation, the main type of liquid to cool, the color should not Tibia. Closest to the sun should choose foundation color, do not be greedy white, or in bright sunlight, it will become increasingly unnatural. Apply foundation the way: first a small amount of foundation can be applied to the back of the hand on the tiger’s mouth; here is the lowest body temperature. To eight dry, slightly damp sponge with a little Crme, from the inside out, from top to bottom slowly by pushing the whole face evenly. As long as a thin coating layer can be, so as not to have too heavy a burden on the skin, and feel natural, beautiful. Use a sponge with a little bit of water to push even Crme, its benefits is to strengthen the hold & effect, and feel of the cool in the summer, very comfortable. Intimate reminder: thin liquid foundation, hiding power is weak, Cream foundation is thick, strong hiding power. Seldom is make-up make-up or the beginning of MM, communion with the skin foundation poor, can choose Cream Foundation, less likely to less makeup. Summer easy to sweat those, you can use liquid foundation, its strong permeability; can reduce the extent of your beauty face pale.
To avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, had better choose have prevent bask in the effect of powdery bottom frost. Currently, due to technology research and development, Sun Foundation has changed the shortcomings of the past boring airtight, can be said that the gospel of the summer.
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