Three Ways to Make Your Lips Look Thinner

No woman is ever content with her appearance. In Part One of this Lip series, we take a look at a question that half of us want answered. How do I make my lips look thinner, while in Part Two, we look at how to make the lips look fuller.

Now why would I be giving tips on making the lips thinner? You mean not all of us want Angelina Jolie lips? Apparently not. Some of us see our lips as nothing else but bulbous protrusions extending from our otherwise normal faces. Some of us don’t like the fact that our lips are our one outstanding feature. We want to look more normal, less like sirens.

It’s a good thing that women throughout the millennia have faced the same seemingly superficial issue. The wisdom I am about to impart has been passed down from generation to generation and you will be able to pass it on too. Through the illusion of makeup, we can exaggerate or de-emphasize our features. In this case, we can make our lips look thinner.

Tip 1:
Don’t use lip liner on the outside of the lips. If the lines are drawn on the lower and bottom parts of the lips, it actually increases the length, thereby making your lips look bigger.

Tip 2:
Do not use lip gloss. You don’t want to draw attention to your lips, silly!

Tip 3:
Use Matte lipstick. Matte may be boring, depending on whether it is trendy or not, but you don’t care about trend, do you? You just want to make your lips look thinner than they are.

Apply foundation or a light concealer to the lip and then apply a liner inside the lips lines. Cover with a somewhat darker lipstick. By applying the liner inside the natural lips line, you decrease the lip canvas, so to speak and your lips appear smaller.

By using these tips, your lips will have a smaller appearance. Only you and the universe will know that you used makeup to make your lips look thinner. Have any more tips? Please share. Walk in Beauty.

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