The Basics of Juniors Swimwear

Summer is the time of year when everyone enjoys the outdoors. There are many outdoor activities that keep most of the population busy including swimming and skiing. Junior’s swimsuits are popular with young teen girls. The bikini and the tankini allow them to expose as much skin as they want. The tankini allows them to choose the style of top and a separate style of bottoms. This means your teen can create their own beachwear to fit their personality. There are a great deal of styles and designs to choose from and allowing them to choose their own gives them the opportunity to reflect their own style on the beach.

Many of the bathing suits that are available today are designed as separates except the one piece beachwear. This is so that consumers can purchase the precise size they need. Juniors are no different than any other consumer. Some girls may be a size four on top and a size 6 on bottom. Buying a two piece bathing suit in two different sizes allows teens to get the perfect fit in their beachwear. One way of making sure young ladies get the fit of swimsuits that they are looking for is to measure around the bust as well as the hips. This will give you a more accurate guide when choosing a size.

Many designers include a tag on their merchandise that gives sizes by the measurements taken. This enables consumers to accurately find the right size before making a purchase. We all know how difficult it can be to try to return bathing suits even if you didn’t wear it. Finding the right size before you make the purchase can save you not only time but a lot of headaches and money as well. If shopping in a store is not an option for your teen, you can find a vast array of swim apparel online. Each website offers you pictures and a detailed description of each swimsuit available.

The majority of junior’s swim apparel that is available today is tankini swimwear. This is a two piece suit that combines a tank style top with a bikini style bottom. Not all junior’s beach wear is designed in the tank style top. Some are halter style and bandeau style. Bandeau is a bathing suit that consists of at least one band or tube top style band. Each offers their own degree of coverage. The bottoms also offer different degrees of coverage from a true bikini and minimal coverage to a brief style and full coverage. Your teen and you will have to determine the coverage that is appropriate.

Although many teens will not participate in beach and water sports there are a number of them that will. The styles of bathing suits available are appropriate for many of these sports including volleyball and skiing. One piece suits are though to be the best for sporting activities but many of the newer two piece suits can also be worn for them.

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