Tattoos still get a mixed reception in the workplace

Tattoos still get a mixed reception in the workplace
“I would say in probably the last three to four years, we've been doing a lot more in the way of either creating policies or revising policies to include tattoos and piercings and unusual-colored hair,” said Charla Bizios Stevens, chairman of the …
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Tattoos on girls

Long road to justice for Winlaton girls, abuse royal commission to hear
She says they are from skin grafts undertaken by authorities to remove the tattoos other girls inflicted on her. Nor is that the only memory of Winlaton that haunts her. Ms Mohammed says she was locked in solitary confinement for a year, heavily …
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Tattoos on girls

Coronado Soroptimists Assist With The STARS Program
During the presentation, a particular moment stuck out to McGuire, “She talked about how they have to get the girls back in school, get them sufficient medical care, and then she mentioned that they also have to do tattoo removal […] because after …
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Tattoos on girls


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