Tattoo Assassins: The Strangest Mortal Kombat Knockoff Ever

Tattoo Assassins: The Strangest Mortal Kombat Knockoff Ever
One of the games that falls into this pit is Data East's Tattoo Assassins, a game I've seen referred to as the worst fighter of all time. I don't agree. After all, it's still better than fellow Kombat knockoffs Survival Arts and Shadow: War of …
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16: Mackensie Is Pulling Out Her Hair
She used to have a Tumblr, until the mother of a girl at her school saw it and contacted the school. It was “just a hipster Tumblr” with about 3,100 followers, Mackensie says — she learned basic HTML so she could customize her page. But there was also …
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Tattoos on girls

Coachella Will Be More Colorful This Year—the Newest Flash Tattoos Have a
Prepare your eyes for a colorfest at Coachella this year. Flash Tattoos, the folks largely behind the metallic temporary tattoo trend, just released a new set of body art transfers that come in vibrant hues. Yup, metallic and in color. Things just went …
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Tattoos on girls


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