Start Luscious Lip Plumping

To get luscious lips of the big day your appointment with the hunk you dredge for months, just two steps: a step carefully and make a step up.

Step care

To have nice lips you have to start by gently exfoliate.

You can exfoliate with scrub your face if it is not too aggressive.

I use a scrub OMOYE Bio brand.

Your lips are all so sweet, free of dead cells.

Now we must moisturize the maximum with special care. I love the lip balm Repair Wax Rose essential CLARINS.

The ideal is to perform this duty the day before your appointment with Sir.

Stage makeup

D-Day choose carefully color. Indeed, studies suggest boys are particularly attracted to the color of the lips of red fruit: strawberry, cherry…

Then bet on pink, red and avoid seeing the brown, plum or black, if you want Mr. has eyes for your lips.

Begin lightly powdering your lips with loose powder; apply the color of lipstick with a professional brush.

You can apply a pencil to outline the red line does not. But be careful that you choose your pencil the same color as your beautiful makeup lipstick because it frankly OUT contour pencil darker than red.

So EXIT contour brown or black with red lipstick!

Finish with a touch of gloss to the center to accentuate the natural curve of your lips.

Or to increase the volume of your lips, you can cheat by using a plumping gloss by a heating action that is slightly swollen lips.

For kisses without trace?

Little bitches! You are safe as the appointment will end with torrid kisses!

Then in step makeup choose a long-wearing lipstick and without transfer, which applies in two steps:

Step 1 is applied long-lasting color.

Step 2 is applied fixator gloss shine.

I suggest you STAY Super Gloss 12h GEMEY that lasts 12 hours with a super shine.

Finally, if you find a lipstick that is resistant to a thousand kisses and then you decide for a professional cosmetic lipstick waterproof. It’s super strong!

For the colors are dull cons which can give you bad mined…?

And plan of waterproof makeup remover to get rid of.


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