Self remedies for the flu bug

Self remedies for the flu bug
I hadn't shaved or combed my hair for three days and my teeth had turned yellow. At that time, I looked like I could have won the coveted … “Our people will take care of everything” the narrator said. In other words, I assumed that all a client had …
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Reese: Smoke-free is the way to be
I detested the smell it left in my hair, on my clothes and in our home. Maybe that's why I never had … Thank goodness there are organizations and people out there who care enough to spread awareness as to the perils of smoking. One such group is …
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care for my hair

Anxiety grows among Republican elite over Trump, Carson
“They assure me that Trump and Carson will eventually fade. Then we'll talk some more, and I give them a reality check. I'll say, 'The guy in the grocery store likes Trump. So does the guy who cuts my hair. They're probably going to stick with him. Who …
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care for my hair


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