Picking Up Girls At Bars Should Be A Positive Experience

Picking up girls at bars can seem like a confusing topic when thinking about flirting for guys. That maybe why you’ve searched for this article, as you are searching for the key to how to successfully learn to pick up women and get the best results. The great news is you’ve arrived at the right place. You are going to learn how to make a positive and long lasting initial impression, how to control the situation with confidence and how to get her to say yes when you ask for her number or to meet up again.

Well, as I already spoke about in the first point you need to make sure you’re creating a positive first impression. The first few seconds are vitally significant and will be the difference in achieving success or failure when it comes to picking up girls at bars. Girls have already begun to develop their thoughts about you without you having even said a word to them, so you want to make sure that you approach with confidence and with your chin up and shoulders back. Confidence really is the key to flirting for guys and impressing girls. They will spot fear just like a shark and this is an instant way to put them off, so show you are happy in yourself through the way you carry yourself on the approach.

Next, after you get to her, this too is a vitally significant time for you to carry on with wowing her and making sure she develops a great impression of you. This is done in a few ways the first of which is related to a point I have previously mentioned. It is associated to your level of self-assurance and the way in which you handle social situations. Therefore, you need whatever you say to her to open the dialogue, to be said with confidence and like you believe in it, not like you’re worried she is going to just reject you.

The second aspect is with regard to your intentions and how she reads them. It’s vital to make sure that she reads your intentions as honorable and not that you are just the next sleazy man looking to get her straight into bed. This is where many guys go wrong with flirting and picking up girls at bars. It might still possible possibly be able to alter what she thinks after this period, this is a real uphill struggle and wants to be avoided at all times to save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

You want her initial thoughts of you to be that you’re self-assured, likable and attractive, not that you are weak, needy and spineless. Beware though, you also want to make sure that you don’t seem too arrogant or into yourself either, as this will put her on the back foot immediately.

Then after you have succeeded with creating a positive first impression, it is then time for you to take control over what’s happening and to bring to her attention that you too are making decisions as to whether to stay in her company or leave. If you do this, she will then work harder to make you stick around as she won’t want to feel rejected. This is a really important factor in flirting for guys, as it shows just how self assured you are. A neat trick that can also work really well here, which can make this occur faster, is to remove your attention from her for a while, say to chat with someone else like one of her friends and this will work in two ways. It will show that you’re confident socially, which is an attractive attribute and also at the same time make her feel a little bit jealous and want your attention and focus to return to her.

Finally, when you’re saying goodbye and leaving, you don’t want to go without at least attempting to get her telephone number or arrange to meet up again, otherwise all that effort has gone to waste. However, a lot of guys are worried about getting rejected at this point. I have a little method for you that will improve your success rate when getting her to say yes when you ask her.

The key is to get her in thinking positively before you ask her. Therefore, ask her a couple of questions, that you can be confident she will respond yes to and this will work to get her into an agreeing mindset and say yes when you actually ask for her telephone number or arrange to meet up again. This sounds crazy, but you’d be amazed at the positive results you will actually get from using it. You can even practice this method with anyone else too when you want them to do something for you. It’s a powerful psychological technique in compliance that’s been proven through a variety of tests, not only when picking up girls at bars, but also in all elements of life.

And there you have it, you should now understand how to walk up to women the right way to make a confident and lasting first impression, gain control of what’s happening and also finally, get great responses when asking for a number or arranging a date. Start implementing these techniques when picking up girls at bars and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy flirting for guys soon becomes.

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