Nicole Miller Makeup

The most important of this is the making the right choice when it comes to the cosmetics itself. One should strive to choose a cosmetic that will be most fitting, versatile and durable. In this regard, I will recommend the Nicole miller makeup to anybody that really wants to appear as a true and authentic queen.

Now, I know you will be wondering why I would just zoom down on the Nicole Miller brand of cosmetics without a second thought even though there are thousands and thousands of other brands out there. Well, initially, I did not really like the Nicole miller makeup kit myself. I had a separate brand of cosmetics kit that I was used to. I was particularly attached to this former cosmetics kit because my sister gave it to me as a birthday present when I turned 18. Therefore in my thinking then, that must have been the best cosmetics collection in the world.

I maintained and nurtured this belief of mine until I gained and admission to study Beauty and Cosmetology in our citys beauty college for stylists and beauticians. There, I discovered that there was a new cosmetics kit that was used by the teachers and lecturers of the school and it was highly-valued. To really get what I am saying, this cosmetic was like the official one in the school. Although there were other brands of course apart from Nicole Miller, this one was particularly domineering. I was really hoping that it would turn out to be my favourite cosmetics that I had been using since I was eighteen. Naturally and quite understandably, I really wanted to know the name on the label of one of the mascara pack in the classroom. And lo and behold, the name turned out to be something else- Nicole miller makeup!

I was devastated to discover that the school did not approve of my former cosmetics. But not willing to give up so easily, I clung to my former cosmetics set and continued using it until sheer curiosity got the better of me. The way and manner with which other girls in the school used and talked about the Nicole miller makeup kit really made me sick. I found it difficult to understand why they would be so blinded into faithfully using a specific brand of cosmetics. As if I was not doing that myself. On one fateful day, I discovered that I had run out of my cosmetics and I needed it for my practical sessions later in the day. Unfortunately, there was nowhere near where I could purchase that type. Therefore, I had no option but to try the Nicole miller around and ever since, I became addicted.


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