Nailympics: Contest for weird nails

Nailympics, commonly known as Olympic Games of fake nails, is held annually in London. This event attracts considerable attention of worldwide top manicurists who gather here to compete with one another in team. They have opportunity not only to create unique nails but show their skill in the art of nail making as well. In addition to basic acrylic pieces as extensions to natural nails, manicurists use airbrushing, the embedding of jewels and other trinkets. Especially, pagodas, forest landscapes, fairies or even flashing lights which are powered by tiny batteries strapped to the wrist are decorated on the fingernails.


This year’s event attracted 354 competitors from 24 countries. All of them have been training for years with the hope of winning the highest rankings. Carmelina Gandolfo, aged 32 from Italy, shared his thought: “This is one of the most important competitions in the world. You come to demonstrate your skill and show what your country can offer”. 30,000 visitors had the chances to admire various designs of nails in the 6th Nailympics. Beside England, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, the U.S. and Hungary dominate in this field.



Fingernails are meticulously crafted different figurines



Fairies, forests and angels are favorite designs in Olympic Games of fake nails



This nail designer must have passionately interest in pirate style



Some nail arts may look ridiculous, but they display the mastery of the nail technician’s craft to nail designers



The Nailympics have been held in Britain for six years



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