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London is a famous city that continues to inspire people; it has an excellent architectural legacy, many shopping venues and houses one of the famous beacons of democracy, the Houses of Parliament. The range of architecture and things to do is testament to the creative inspiration the city has generated, from Westminster Abbey to the new developments of Canary Wharf it can often seem as if you are stepping into another era altogether when travelling around the city.

Famous landmarks include four World Heritage sites: Westminster Abbey, Kew Gardens, Westminster Abbey and Greenwich. Westminster Abbey will host the most anticipated event of 2011 in the shape of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and shortly afterwards Wembley stadium will play host one of the most prestigious events in club football calendar: the UEFA Champions League final. With the London 2012 Olympics to begin next summer, London will continue to offer high quality sporting venues, which also includes the famous Wimbledon and entertainment venues such as the O2 arena.

In the colourful capital there are many galleries, libraries and museums (including the British Museum and National Gallery), plus over 40 theatres to explore. So with so much going on in a city, how does the average Londoner get around a city of more 600 square miles? There are some great transport facilities and many iconic images are of London transport.

The most recent addition is the cycle hire scheme that was launched in July 2010 by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and Barclays Bank. The Black Cab continues to be one of the most famous transport icons in the city, everyone is used to seeing them on the streets, and their drivers have some of the best knowledge of how to travel around London. It is estimated that there are over 21,000 cabs in London, although the majority are black they do come in different shades from red to green and even those covered in the latest advertisement. The London Underground, with its iconic red and blue train carriages, is by far the oldest underground system in the world. Built in 1863 it could be termed the nervous system of the city, and without it London wouldn’t be the city it is.

What better way to celebrate a city than with dark shade Black Taxi nail polish? Or you could try the Underground treatment base coat that prevents staining of the nail from colour or environmental effects, meaning easier removal of polish and no more stained cuticles! A range of nail varnishes inspired by iconic London bought to you from Nails Inc.

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