Milani Lipstick

The Milani cosmetic range provides an array of lipsticks that cater to all styles and tastes. They have the COLOUR PERFECT lipstick, PRETTY PAIR lipstick and gloss, and the VELVET lipstick ranges which overall showcase a wide range of lipsticks in various colours and forms. The Milani lipstick line promotes individuality and gives women what they demand the most, choice and quality at affordable prices. They keep their prices within reach of the general public which is a great advantage considering most of us are working on a tight budget given the current economic situation.

There is nothing worse than having your eye on something you cannot afford and so Milani have managed to provide a whole set of 3 ranges that are all affordable and work wonders for your budget and wardrobe. Milani lipsticks range from $ 4.99 to $ 6.99.

In comparison to Milani lipstick, Pupa lipstick is pricier, ranging from $ 10 – $ 25 and sometimes even higher, but they have lipsticks that are still more affordable than a number of other brands on the market. They offer bold, bright colours as well as a range of other colours that are fashionable, while also offering timeless shades such as the classic red lipstick. There are many different shades of red and different takes on the trend that are meant to suit all skin types and colours. It is hard to determine the best red lipstick as it all comes down to your skin tone and which is the most suitable for you and so that is what any lipstick wearer should work with. Find a shade that works with your skin tone, and that you are comfortable wearing.

If you do not have the confidence to wear bright, bold shades there are many lighter, softer shades you can find that will work well for you. This classic colour has been revamped and maintained as a fashion trend and statement meaning many cosmetic ranges offer red lipstick, including Milani lipstick and Pupa. Numerous brands will have red lipsticks in their line, of different shades and so you should feel free to try them out and try new things so that you can decide what the best shade for you is, and which brand you like best. Everyone has different tastes; while some swear by certain brands and products others have negative reviews about those same products so the whole process is subjective. Do not follow the crowd when it comes to choosing what is best for you. Trial and error is the best way to learn!


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