Men’s Undies and Swimwear

Men’s undies are the attire that has to be worn within the clothing. They are of three types, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, which is a combination between a brief and boxers and then the third type are the briefs. These are all typically supported by elastic at the waist. Normal briefs consist of legs that are short and they also wrap the legs at the start of the thigh zone. Then there is the boxer brief which is a cross of boxer shorts and men’s brief. The introduction of the boxer briefs was in the year 1990 and ever since, it has garnered great popularity because of it being comfortable and yet stylish.

Men’s undies can also function like men’s swimwear and the other way too. Apart from the boxers and briefs, these come in many type of styles. These are bikinis, thongs, briefs that are of low rise in nature, jockstraps etc. These are some of the exclusive types available everywhere. Materials used for the production of men’s undies are varied in quality and fabrics. Common material or fabric is the one that has absorbing properties, for the absorption of sweat and thereby enable the skin to be comfortable. Then it should be stretchable, flexible and also provide easy movement to the undies. Fabrics for the men’s undies should be of durable quality, so that they don’t get tampered after many washes. These undies are available in various colours and patterns that make the undies attractive and also stylish too. There are some that even have patterns like floral, checks and some cool and fun slogans on them.

Similarly, men’s swimwear should be of materials and fabrics that would give a feeling that is as dry as a bone. Then while taking a swim in the water and it should not stick to the body. Men’s swimwear are available in many types and varieties, like trunks, swim briefs that are reversible, swim short, swim bandeau etc. The combination of 20% elastine and 90% nylon is what men’s swimwear is made of. Then there can also be a combination of spandex and nylon. These swim wears are also available with pockets, providing some style. The reversible briefs offer two for one men’s swimwear and all at the price of one. One side can have a very conservative and simple design, whereas the other side can have some real adventurous and funky design.

Men’s swimwear is available in various styles like jammers, boardshorts, speedo, thongs etc. Boardshorts are men’s swimwear that are of loose fit quality and the length of the legs can go till the knees. Then there are the trunks, which are mid thigh loose swimwear, having a combination of polyester and nylon of 100% quality. Next amongst the men’s swimwear are the swim jammers, mankini and fundoshi. Jammers, are typical of swimwear for men that are worn by athletes and they look something like compression shorts and cycling shorts. Then there is mankini, made popular by the character Borat. This men’s swimwear reveals the buttocks. Then next is funtoshi men’s swimwear, whose origin is from Japan. There are many men’s swim wears available in various colours and styles and also within various price ranges.

The fabric of mens underwears should have a stretchable property so that it can stretch and afford flexibility and ease of movement. Many of the mens undies can also double up as mens swimwear and vice versa.

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