Make Your Lips Liplicious

Coloring your lips with shades of red, pink or beige adds the final touch to your facial make up. Using lipsticks, lip liners or lip glosses is easier but only if appropriate color is applied with utmost precision to avoid a smudged look. The shade to be used depends on the choice of the user but the quality of the product should be high since it can be expected that some part of this cosmetic might also be ingested. Lipsticks form an important part of a women’s cosmetics collection. With limitless options for shades and textures, one can easily give oneself the desired look by selecting and using an appropriate lip color.

Playing with texture of your lips

One also gets to play with varied lipstick textures as per the demand of the occasion. Lip glosses or shimmers just add a little color and more of shine to the lips. Matte lipsticks, those with flat tips are use to add deep and rich colors to the lips. These may dry up after some time so reapplication is required. Another available option is the crme lipsticks. As per their name, these are cream based thicker products which are less shiny and stay on longer. And shimmers are for the sparkly, glittery look one might want while planning for a night out.

Other lip products

Apart from lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners cosmetic manufacturers have also introduced a range of lip care products like moisturizers, lip balms, lip hydrating gels and exfoliating creams for lips. These products are used to keep the skin on and around the lips healthy, soft, smooth and shiny. Before using any coloring products for ones lips, it is essential to appropriately prepare and prime the lips for these products.

Using lip products

Patting the lips with a little amount of lip moisturizer before applying lipsticks make the lip products stay on longer and also gives them a fuller look. These days there are lipsticks with added moisturizers and glosses available to save this extra lip care step.

Priming the lips by exfoliating them gently before applying lip makeup makes using lip products easier and also helps the makeup stay on longer. It also ensures that the dead skin and accumulated particles from previous application get completely removed and do not remain trapped in the cracks of the lips.

Properly moisturizing the lips also helps keep the skin hydrated. It avoids the chapped look and also promotes their good health. Repeated application of lipsticks may lead to drying of the lips. Such a situation can be avoided by pampering the lips with lip balms and moisturizers routinely.

To conclude, lip make up adds an attractive factor to your face. But lip makeup and lip care should be diligently done to maintain smooth and soft lips. All lip care products and lip cosmetics should be carefully selected and properly used.

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. With about 10 years of experience as a practitioner in a leading spa. In her practicing years she has had the opportunity to use various skin care cosmetics products for lip care, eye care, acne care, anti aging and many more from various famous brands like Obagi, Lierac Paris etc.

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