Mac Most “tide” Bottom Makeup New Ideas

MAC 2009 of the most “boom” new ideas looking finish – three-dimensional micro-integer QQ little face makeup! Body new century, the most important thing is to create three-dimensional profile, compact muscle at the end, to create super-elastic QQ muscle, but also super moisturizing. MAC Cosmetics makeup is an international team of world hiding as QQ up base in the ‘compact foundation stretch of water’ and ‘elastic concealer compact’ is the new 2009 Smart micro integer foundation system.

Compact foundation stretch of water

The new R & D of micro-nano polish Molecular nano crystal ball is a crystal ball touches, every drop of liquid foundation, which has numerous nanocrystalline ball wrapped in a perfect color to the skin after wiping and can slowly release a long time Molecular nano crystal ball in color and moisturizing ingredients, for a long time to maintain

Looking finish lasting color, synchronization moisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin surface, so that a more smooth liquid foundation good push, and moisture. Liquid foundation cream gel texture can help the color adhere better, and easier to integrate into the original natural color, so your skin feeling silky finish with moderate coverage makeup effects.

Flat foundation brush

Synthetic bristles of special materials can be extended to liquid foundation is fully face, very flexible wool, while the amount of foundation is to save. In the brush head design, adopt flat rectangular design; flat hair bundles can easily create Baotou and clean-looking uniform.

Stretch Concealer Compact

Gel Cream materials ‘elastic Concealer Compact’ with and ‘compact stretch of water Foundation SPF15’ new R & D of the same “plastic Yan Lahti net” technology, now Lahti immediate area of the skin, firm eye muscle at the end; micro-nano technology crystal ball polish, rub on the cover in place at the same time, slow and long-term release of micro-nano crystal ball in color and moisturizing ingredients to help more the color of concealer color, while Concealer makeup and a high degree of long-term support; super moisturizing Corps, there are MAC Cosmetics Outlet hyaluronic acid, moisturizing essence of yeast extract, Shea butter provides powerful moisturizing skin function; and different leaf lettuce estuarine moss leaf extract, beet root extract, tamarind extract, long-term use is to nourish the skin to increase skin elasticity, helping the skin more supple QQ; vitamin E derivatives and vitamin C, long-term skin antioxidant, anti-aging, the formation of skin natural defense system.

Concealer Brush

Concealer Brush is a flat, soft bristles of the brushes, paddle-shaped, slightly pointed head. This man-made bristles are suitable for paint brushes and smooth evenly over concealer.MAC Cosmetics Eye Concealer perfect size, can easily be in the detail of the eye area to make the appropriate modifications.

MAC Cosmetics with a high degree of creativity and avant-garde concept, developing the MAC Cosmetics Outlet incomparable distinctive style. MAC colour bold innovation, subverts the traditional style, grasps of, is the most simple ordinary several spiritual concept, humanitarian, equality, business of justice and responsibility.

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