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Love like a MAC Cosmetics as the ad is very sharp and very colorful photographic processing methods, Cyndi Lauper, and Lady Gaga is prominently presented in the middle of the ad, like a two large Barbie doll. MAC began in 1994 with grants to support the activities of HIV, AIDS Fund and VIVA GLAM program are to help AIDS patients and introduced to “From Our Lips” theme, autumn and winter Lip glass, and two lip of the make up bag, In the next six months will be limited in the counter sale.
MAC Cosmetics Outlet Dazzle Lipstick is a high-brightness, including diamond and pearl particles for added shock of shiny lips effect pigment particles of different sizes to form crystal pearls, with multiple refraction and reflection of light effects, make your lips more fullness. Shea butter milk makes lips smooth and moist.
Witnessing the lips launching diamonds xuanliang flashing light, creates superlative glittering and translucent flashing makeup effect!
Design intent was to express a bold flavor contains digital style … … like a photo art technician using various new technologies to outline lip contour and color, as you all either free play, the effect is controlled by you. You can try applying thick layers, witnessed the lip-like projection Xuanliang diamonds flashing light, and pigment particles of different sizes of pearl crystal would result in the formation of color, contrast and the concentration of soaring, and to create the ultimate sparkling looking results.
Global fashion brand MAC Cosmetics 2010 professional make-up launch of the most luxurious experience, the most soft feel, the most light and texture of the new Lips series ‘pink color lipstick holders’ lips even if just to make Stolen Kisses, who are the perfect color, no smudges, not Tuozhuang, true color, no trace. Color pink lipstick who was inspired by MAC make-up trends autumn and winter in the ‘whisper velvet Redd-Velvet’ concept, MAC will be the red velvet luxury, soft, cream-like design into a tight-knit texture, fully cover the existing lip color , smooth lip, rub on a very natural after the formation of mist polished effect, simultaneous moisture, water lock, moisture, and can be soft lips, restore lips stretch, so that the U.S. natural shells lip Alice, autumn and winter 2010, the lure to create a people whisper full of lip gloss.
2010 autumn and winter, the most “boom” is the perfect make-up focus Lips attractive, with gorgeous and sexy as the velvet soft lips without the whisper pattern, the trend is stand on the edge of the Prophet! Pink color lipstick holders who have developed a new color film technology, can full of lipstick color perfect seal, while providing complete coverage of the original lip color, and anti-blooming, do not Tuozhuang, rub on the lips after the color, with color of eyes see exactly the same, all true color, to hold color long-lasting 12 hours, so wipe the lipstick color pink lips held from 1 minute to the last minute make-up remover, can have 8 different color sexy free pattern beauty lips.
The new pink color lipstick is MAC Cosmetics Online support the latest fashion masterpiece of the creative department. New York’s minimalist style as a design inspiration, full of personal charm and simple appearance neat, in a perfect interpretation of primitive luxury commodity STYLE highest guiding principle of the design – simple is beautiful.

MAC brand new ‘pink color lipstick holders series’ color over color, Baotou, Tiffany jewelry such as Dieyi, moisturizers such as butter! The new lipstick material – Creme Lip Cream ~ New Experience – velvet lips moist supple sense of luxury! New debut ‘hold color film’ technology, not Tuozhuang, anti-blooming, color all the real, long-lasting color held 12 hours!

MAC Cosmetics with a high degree of creativity and avant-garde concept, developing the MAC Cosmetics Outlet incomparable distinctive style. MAC colour bold innovation, subverts the traditional style, grasps of, is the most simple ordinary several spiritual concept, humanitarian, equality, business of justice and responsibility.

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