Long Wedding Hair Styles

When you are doing the planning for your wedding, one of the things that usually on your mind is how you are going to style your hair. If you have long hair, you may wonder how you are going to style it so it looks gorgeous instead of boring. The great news is that it is not a problem at all to make your long hair look absolutely stunning at your wedding.

A bride with braided hair can certainly look beautiful. If you are planning a renaissance style wedding, you may want to consider wearing your hair in a long braid. If a more modern style of wedding is what you are planning then maybe consider wearing your hair in a french braid. A french braid may be best left to a beauty parlor to do unless you have french braided your hair in the past. It can take a bit of patience to get it just right. If you have time to practice french braiding at least a couple of months before the wedding, then you may just be able to take care of it on your own. You can actually purchase decorative gem or pearl pins to place in your braid to make you hair look even more beautiful.

Long hair can also look wonderful when it is done up in a french twist on your wedding day. A french twist not only looks great, it adds a lot of elegance and class to ones hair. A french twist is quite an easy style to complete. You may choose to leave some strands of hair out of the french twist to curl them. You can choose a spiral hair curler to curl the tendrils of hair that you left out of the french twist. Combined with some decorative pins or even glitter, a french twist is a great way to complement your wedding day ensemble.

You can also choose to put your long hair in a chignon style for your wedding as well. Chignons work best if you want your hair totally done up and out of your way. A chignon is extremely simple to accomplish, and looks really nice. A chignon can also put a lot of emphasis on the pretty makeup that you will be wearing on your wedding day.

With careful planning and thoughtful effort, any long hairstyle for your wedding will look wonderful.

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