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JessicaShops: Skincare, sports gear, Total Gym fitness
Violet Oasis: Violet Oasis has created a Mediterranean-inspired skincare line handcrafted with natural ingredients. For example, the exfoliator is made with date shells and crushed almonds — you can see the crushed almonds as they exfoliate.
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I Tried Skin Laundry, the 'Drybar of Skincare' That Gives You Great Skin in
Show me a picture of someone with perfect skin, and I'll hand you my wallet in an effort to get my skin like that. Some people smoke or abuse drugs; I am addicted to skin care. I guess it could be worse. After further investigation, I discovered Skin …
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Video: Australian skincare brand Dr. Roebuck makes its way to Canada
Twin sisters Kim Devin and Zoe Kelly, the masterminds behind the Australian skincare brand Dr. Roebuck's, are expanding the reach of their all-natural line. The duo stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver to chat spring skincare, tips for treating …
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