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This Is How Blind Women Apply Makeup With Ease
Most of us rely on high-definition mirrors and our keen eyesight to put on makeup in the morning, but could you put your face on in the dark? That's exactly what the vision impaired must learn to do. In Sacramento, CA, esthetician Judith Woodworth is …
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Allow Amal Clooney to Remind You of the Power of a Certain Makeup Product
Amal Clooney looked very spring-friendly while out at Monkey Bar in NYC last night—and part of the reason was that she really went for a makeup product that often doesn't get the spotlight in makeup circles. It's just not as showy as lipstick or as …
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Macy's CFO: Sales Are Sluggish Because Women Don't Want To Put Makeup On
You there, with the bare lips and the TJ Maxx bag binge-watching Scandal online: Did you decide to skip Macy's and head to an off-price store because you just couldn't bear to tear yourself away from Netflix and put your face on that day? Macy's CFO …
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