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SUE REID accused of 'making it up' after warning of girls as sex slaves in
When I was in Rotherham recently talking to victims of sex abuse, I heard a terrifying story. If it is to be believed — and after the events of this week it seems increasingly credible — it speaks volumes about how corruption and cover-up in the town …
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What guys think about makeup
However, while some makeup looks are girl-friendly, men will not always understand teal eyeliner or orange lips. Any guy you invite into your life should respect how you look with or without makeup, but bright colors and other things can be confusing …
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'Bad Girls Club' Star Judi Jackson — Yes, My Customers Got Screwed … But
Bad girls Club Judi Jackson Makeup "Bad Girls Club" star Judi Jackson is getting pounded by the Better Business Bureau for allegedly leaving a ton of customers in the lurch — so, now she's firing up the bus and throwing it in reverse. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

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