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Learn To Love Your Job Like These 5 Bad Ass Women With Envy-Inducing
Whether you work at a desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or have a career that requires non-traditional hours and nary a cubicle, you've probably heard “advice” that tells you to maintain a perfect coif for the sake of looking professional. Women's magazines …
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Can 'Psychodermatology' Explain Why Peeling Your Sunburn Feels So Good?
“There is quite a bit of theory out there, but no silver bullet,” said Matt Traube, a psychotherapist focused on so-called body-focused repetitive disorders (which also include things like pulling out your hair or biting your nails). “It can just be a …
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When you're trans, every choice to be more feminine could mean life or death
If the lipstick doesn't look as good on me outside as it did in the store, if it gives anyone the impression that I'm not in control of my femininity (or trying to broadcast my variance upon the hapless bystander), the bus might not stop for me. The …
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