Kitchen Tile backsplash ideas

Tiles are a very important part of any kitchen decor and make up a huge part of your design as well as setting the tone and ambience.  There is a wide range of designs, colours and sizes when it comes to kitchen tiles enabling you to achieve almost any design and style you desire.  Tiles are also often used on backsplashes and countertops making your kitchen look good and remain practical.

It is also important that your kitchen has a fresh and clean feel and if you are wanting to co-ordinate with doors and floors, you need to think carefully about the colours and designs you choose. Tile backsplashes can be designed in such a way that they brighten up and keep the kitchen feeling and looking new.  Your backsplash is also there to protect the wall from splashes and stains and what tiles you choose will depend on the design you are hoping to achieve. A one colour design will give your kitchen a contemporary and simple design that will blend in with any existing design patterns in the kitchen.  There is also the old cottage type design which will blend in well with the same design throughout your kitchen.

Mosaic tiles are a very popular tile for kitchen backsplashes and they come in a wide variety of colours, designs and more importantly sizes. Smaller tiles on kitchen backsplashes can be used to give both a modern, contemporary or traditional feel and different colours can be used to add a real design statement. Glass tiles are also ideal for kitchen backsplashes and they also work extremely well with both ceramic and stone tiles.  Glass works well with marble enabling you to mix and match for a unique design.  Using glass tiles additionally with other tiles is a great inexpensive way to incorporate glass tiles into your kitchen. Glass tiles come in many sizes and shapes enabling you to experiment with the design, instead of using the standard square tile; you could opt for the pebble tile which would give a unique look to any kitchen.

Lastly you can incorporate a central design idea in the centre of the backsplash and then use other tiles to blend and finish off the look. All tiles on your backsplash can be matched to existing tiles and there is real room for experimentation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with tile ideas and obtain some samples to help you make your choice.


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