How to survive Dell World 2015

How to survive Dell World 2015
I anticipate the usual announcements around 14th-generation servers, updated desktops and laptops all making use of the latest CPU offerings Intel has released. I'm really interested to hear how that will impact the business in the future. Clearly …
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Klopp explains why he'll succeed at Anfield
It appears the manager also left his mark on his new team, making a good early impression. Captain James Milner … “He is trying to get his ideas over. It will take a few months. But he gets his message across on the touchline – like a 12th man. If he …
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Bicycling advocate Alicia Heyburn returns from Europe with ideas for U.S.
Of course, Heyburn concedes that she was mostly on terrain “as flat as a pancake,” which does make for easy bike commuting. RESUME: Heyburn has a graduate degree in sustainability from Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire. Her …
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