Honest Makeup Tutorial Skewers Impossible Beauty Standards

Honest Makeup Tutorial Skewers Impossible Beauty Standards
We decided to address that that reality head on, showing it's actually totally normal for women to feel pressure to wear makeup — because it concretely affects the way society treats them. This is only all the more challenging for women of color in a …
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Wake Up Makeup
“When pressed for time—and running low on sleep—applying this primer simultaneously gives me sun protection and a smoother, more luminous complexion, even without makeup.” – Vanessa Lawrence, Features Writer NARS Pro-Prime Light Optimizing …
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Covergirl & "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Full Collection of Makeup Looks
Have you heard about Covergirl's new collaboration with Star Wars: The Force Awakens? To celebrate the cool partnership, Covergirl released seven avant-garde looks designed by Pat McGrath, all inspired by the Light Side or the Dark Side, and each with …
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