Girls Favorite Dress Up Games From The Past And Today

As many little girls do, they love to dress up in font of the mirror. They might put a hand-made cardboard crown in their head and a stick to make it whatever they want it to be. It can become a wand if I dress up as a fairy, she might think to herself. Then she’ll put in her imaginary gown that is all glittery and very beautiful as she dresses up as a princess. A lot of little girls use their imaginations like this. We have this dress up games that girls do and what big girls used to do. Let us turn back the time and take a look at those games that we grew up to. Below are dress up games that girls used to love, and girls these days might love doing.

Mirror mirror on the wall is a game wherein you will need a big mirror in front of you. You can get all the dresses that you can find in the wardrobe and dress up in front of the mirror. You can wear a beautiful gown and be a princess. You can grab a scarf and put it in your head like an old woman and dress up the part. This will be so much fun.

Paper Doll Delight. In this game, you cut out a paper doll. You just trace it in a cardboard paper and cut it out. Then, you also draw dresses on the paper that is just the right size for your doll. You can color and design the dresses and then you cut it out as well. The fun part is after the cutting. You get to dress up the doll with the paper dresses that you have cut out. Dress her up in a design that she can wear to the mall, or hanging out with friends. There is no limit for your imagination. You can even cut out a cardboard to be the mall where the paper dolls with their fashionable paper, colorful and cool dresses. You can make as many dolls as you like and be creative.

Bratz Makeover Game. This is yet another game girls play online. You can create your own fashion for your Bratz doll. You can choose any of the Bratz character. There will be options on what hair style you want for your doll. You can also accessorize and put on make up as well as nail colors. You can design all you want. It is fun and cool and I know many young girls will enjoy.

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