Easy Hair Styles for Women

If boring hair is bringing you down there are many styles to choose from that can give you attitude and make you feel like a million bucks. High volume, sleek and sexy, or softly tousled hair is easily accomplished through hair styling tricks of the trade. It really does not matter if your hair is short, long, or mid-length because you too can have gorgeous locks just like you have always dreamed of. Do not be concerned about how thick or thin or fine or coarse your hair is, there is plenty you can accomplish with a great haircut. Choosing a great stylist with experience is a must because they can share their own secrets as well!

For high volume hair you should use a very large round brush and dry each section of wet hair by lifting the roots. Velcro rollers can be placed between each section for extra body. Tease and hairspray near the scalp to keep the body in your hairdo all day.

To get a sleek smooth sexy look, blow dry hair until damp and then section into smaller pieces. When drying, blow away from the scalp using a paddle brush until completely dry. Now use a straight iron to complete the look. Also, use a smoothing gel that helps with humidity and a good quality product that protects against split ends as hot irons can cause a lot of damage.

Soft tousles are a favorite because humidity is less likely to affect this style. After shampooing use a spray gel on the roots then fluff and scrunch to bring out the curls. Dry your hair using a diffuser while leaning your head from side to side to create lift and volume. Once thoroughly dry use a finishing cream and gently brush fingers through hair.

When looking for a reputable hairstylist, references are a good start. If you ever decide to try your hand at home hair trimming and maintenance consult with your hairstylist regarding the type of styling tools they use. Investing in professional grade hair clippers and shears even for home use can make a noticeable difference in cutting quality and overall results. They are extremely easy to use, incredibly comfortable and can cut any style of hair wet or dry with precise perfection.

It is important to remember that every person has their own individual style and hair type. There are hundreds of tips, suggestions and opinions, but the only opinion that really matters is yours.

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