DJ Peace Cruises into 2015 with Sex, Drugs and Rock Video.

Manchester, New Hampshire (PRWEB) December 29, 2014

DJ Peace (The multi-genre DJ, MC and recording artist also known as Mark Peace Thomas) has released his 4th official music video for the song “Cruise Control” which features ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick playing a melodic lead solo. Some viewers believe that the content is better suited for an adult video website because the imagery contains sex, drugs and rock and roll as the “Bad Girl” (played by Emylee Disario) drinks, smokes and ‘sleeps’ her way through her wild life eventually discovering that a lifestyle filled with excess can often be a dead end.

The video was directed by Todd Brisson (Max Aperture Films) who upon hearing Cruise Control for the first time described the tune as “badass”. The song, written by Mark Peace Thomas, El Tal and Evan Richards, originally appeared on the first DJ Peace album: “ManSmarts: The Music”. The updated version, which features Bruce Kulick’s solo, first appeared on an E.P. titled “Do You Love Me?” which featured two original songs by DJ Peace and the title track “Do You Love Me?” originally recorded by KISS in 1979. Cruise Control (featuring Bruce Kulick) can also be found on the full-length digital album: “ManSmarts: The Music (2014 Edition).

DJ Peace is proud of the “Cruise Control” video and complimented his talented crew by saying: “Todd (Brisson) has created a fantastic looking video shot in 4K and Emylee adds an edgy sexiness.” Peace continued: “Guitarist Dave McCormick learned Bruce Kulick’s solo while we were shooting interior scenes Saturday afternoon. The next day we did four takes performing the song on the rooftop. Dave nailed it every time!”. Dave is a tattoo artist for Spider Bite and he plays lead guitar for a local band called “Derailer”.

The production was shot in Mark’s hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire with his brother Jon Thomas providing the human resources and his new building for Spider Bite Tattoo Shop as the main location. “I’m in Southern California and Jon is still living where we grew up. It was a treat to have the chance to see my brother and have him involved in a major way!”

There are two versions of the “Cruise Control” video: age-restricted and clean edit.



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