Dispel Hair Care Myths

Even today there are many myths of what to do to leave our hair healthy and beautiful and education is the only source to dispel these hair care myths.  Hair is an important part of our body as not only does it add protection to our skin and scalp, but it also adds improvement to the way we look.


There are many myths around about the care of our hair and most of them are false. The only true one that most people will probably know, is that split ends will travel. This is absolutely true as uncut split ends can travel up the hair shaft towards the roots, thus hair that is not tended to over time may develop splits that are over the entire hair, and more importantly some ends can actually tear multiple times so that the split ends even have splits.


Hair care is like Chinese Whispers, you hear something and then in translation to someone else the information gets changed until it becomes totally untrue.  Such things as ‘rinse out conditioners do not provide benefits because it is rinsed out’, is not true. A rinse out conditioner applied to your hair after using a good quality shampoo will leave a deposit of moisturizing proteins on the hair shaft giving hair a softer, shinier and better condition.


One far fetched myth is that ‘eating Jell-O will make your hair grow faster’; according to dermatologists, there is no evidence that Jell-O will do anything for hair growth. This myth probably comes from the fact that synchronized swimmers use Gelatin on their hair, but this is only to protect against chlorine damage.


There is so much stress in our everyday living, and some people believe that stress causes your hair to thin, relax, or be calm; again there is no truth in this. The problem with thinning hair may be hormonal or nutritional in nature.


An old wives tale about standing on your head to cure hair loss may do a great job for your gymnastic skills, but will have no effect on your hair. Many believe that hair will always remain the same texture, this is also not true, you may be born with straight, curly or wavy locks, but certain circumstances can change the texture of your hair such as pregnancy, medication, chemotherapy, age and other variables can cause the texture of your hair to be altered either temporarily or permanently.


A spokesman for Fabriah professional hair products online said “we hear many myths about the care of hair, some are absolutely over the top, but in some we can see how the misconception came about. We advise our customers of the best hair products and hair treatments that will suite their hair types and this is based on the condition of their hair.  We stock the best quality products, and top brands, such as L’Oreal, Redkin, Wella, Tigi to name a few. We also stock hair products for every season, from the harshness of summer sun, to the brutal winter winds, all of which affect the hair and we can advise on the correct product to combat this”.


There are many more myths out there about how to look after our hair, the correct way is, seek to purchase the best possible hair products, for your hair type, only then can you dispel all the myths.


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