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Years Make Experience tells me make-up tool must not be spared, especially in close contact with his face something, and then you have to buy start with!

You give yourself an idea Investment Buy a good material for brushes, you can get away with years and secretly tell you, as I bought ten years ago, brush, up to now still use Oh!

Basically, the types of brushes can be said to be comprehensive, broadly speaking, divided into a large honey paint, blusher brush, trimming brush, brow brush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, spiral brush, eyelash steel brush, lip brush and so on. Brush with the market spread over a large, good quality and brand hair design, will affect the price of brushes.

My suggestion is you pay for, good brushes can be used for a long time in chalking degree, touch on will affect the makeup effects. As long as the beginner a little more money to invest, do not buy as cheap on the chaos. All in all, or old saying goes, is “make bricks without straw his tools!”

Large Powder Brush Large Powder Brush
main function for the whole face Dingzhuang, remove excess Fenxie to collate the most essential makeup brushes. Powder and puff on the makeup being different, if you paint the big honey to the powder, showing the makeup is very natural feel, thin, no makeup look like as if there will not be thick layer of powder being. For example, the French cosmetics brand, a powder ball, paint to replace the honey with a powder puff, makeup effects not only on a very good, but let it become enduring classics star product.

So, how to buy one to use, easy to use paint large honey? I teach you a secret, that is material to choose from, great honey paint the brush, preferably goat or weasel hair, because of the toughness of the high mountain wool, natural ability and strong grasp powder; and weasel hair most soft touch the best, but the relative prices more than the high mountain wool.

In addition, I wish to remind, remember Do not use synthetic Fiber The bristles, not for petty advantages, and the choice of cheap crude makeup brush set, also thinks earned. Because it will not only scratch your delicate skin, the bristles will stop falling, life is very short, most important, the last showing of the makeup effects, but will greatly points of Oh!

Blusher brush Round-shaped blush brush, can easily help you create a good color! Blush, is often girls are the most commonly used when the make-up brushes favorite, you can brush on the blush side, while enjoying like a little girl-like, color makeup of the childhood fun of playing. Choice in the blusher brush, you may wish to present the blush in accordance with their size, to select an appropriate brush size of your own, you can easily create the ideal cheek color.

Bevel trimming brush The name suggests, bevel trimming brush is designed for shaping facial contours, angle type of paint this design provides a very convenient and easily the angle design so that you can touch choose dark repair capacity powder after the convex side against the cheekbones modification, change the face of the shortcomings, and to create a natural shadow level.

Trimming brush Cone trimming brush, mainly in the modification of the face dark side or light side, commonly used in the T-area lit, bright eyes, raised below, increase the brightness of cheekbones, and the dark side trimming. Of course, in addition to specialized trimming brush outside of any small to medium size makeup brush can replace the trimming brush, do not have to buy special conical trimming brush, brush size can find a similar alternative, as long as you use to get used to smoothly on the list!

Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow brush dampened with eyebrow design to help you describe the natural eyebrow, or eyebrow pencil, the do-balanced brush decoration. Therefore, most of the eyebrow brush has a beveled design, is to facilitate you in the face of a curvature of the eyebrows, can draw strength to a sense of eyebrow.

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