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Women especially worry a lot when they find the silver line on their heads. Getting old and getting gray hair, doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of choices! There are still plenty of trendy hairstyles, that you can choose from. Your age has very little to do with the fashionable hairstyles, that you can have. There are various short hairstyles for gray hair. Without further prologue, let me introduce you with some striking short hairstyles for gray hair.

Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair

“Gray is the new black!” Think about Meryl Streep, Late Princess Diana, Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, Emmylou Harris, Paula Deen, Jamie Lee, Nichelle Nichols and the most recent sensation Nichole Kidman; all of them share one thing in common and that is their shiny gray hair! They all studied their hair and opted for a short but strikingly trendy hairstyle to make their persona stand out amongst thousands! So, rule number one – choose the popular hairstyle that suits best on your face cut and don’t think about the age.

Sweet Angels
This hairstyle is ideal for straight and wavy hair. In this haircut, the hair are cut short with long bangs on the forehead and layers at the back. The bangs, blow – dried at one side of your forehead will give you a ravishingly wispy look. Apply some smooth styling gel and pomade at the ends for wispy look.

Rock n Roll Wisp
This hairstyle is suitable for straight hair, ask to cut front hair to chin length and at the back a length till the nape of the neck, will look good. The hair are given throughout razor cut layers, and side sweep bangs at the top. For a party getup, add some pomade to the hair ends, it will provide them with a striking spiked texture.

The Wave
This hairstyle looks best for wavy and curly hair. In this style the hair are cut to chin length with optimum layers to enhance the curls, that represent the volume of the hair. Wash with any curl activating shampoo, dry them naturally and apply your favorite wax styling product.

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