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Many girls in the spring cannot help but secretly vow to turn around their gorgeousness. To deal with dull color, patchy spots on the face, we smooth the translucent white skin. We envy on the beautiful star, the secret of beauty is already convinced, but what will happen? Here I remind you to commit a large white lie, we have to carefully imitate. Let’s take a look at those famous stars to learn from them.

Beauty Big S King Dark black skin make food, and white foods that make you whiter. The skin is black or white, which is determined by how much forms of melanin the body distribute. Half comes from nature, half from the acquired factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, before menstruation, pregnancy.  
In a food processor side, many girls are photosensitive should avoid excessive consumption of food, such as celery, chives, coriander, red beans, because these foods prone to dark spots under ultraviolet light. So spot in the conditioning process must pay attention Diet Habits, also with an effective whitening product to help decompose the generated pigmentation, while blocking the formation of melanin, a two-pronged defeat the spot, no time to let your skin through the white state.


The face of skin care steps, the most standard should be in accordance with the lotion, essence, and cream of the order. But with the combination of multiple functions of various “all in one” cosmetic appearance after another, so that the skin becomes more easy and simple maintenance. When it comes the turn of spring, summer, autumn and winter, your skin is prone to shine, dry and other conditions. This time may wish to try skin care products used in peacetime to do a “raise.” Sweat more in summer, can only be used after the make-up water emulsion; and relatively dry season, make-up water after using the essence emulsion cream, and even then with the massage cream. Such as these, “the state with his finger felt the skin moisture, and moisturizing with a targeted job”, the effect is much better than the static approach. The make-up water, and Essence among other steps, should stand for 1, 2 minutes to allow the active ingredients to fully soak. So you can understand the current moisture condition the skin to properly select which items to use the next step. Is like when using the cream, by the way, you can understand in the end is lightweight gel texture, or as thick as wax products. The skin has its own cycle. Body in different seasons, different state, you want to nutritional intake will be different. We cannot know the skin of the “voice” because it would not you say “I’d like to moisture point”; also will not tell you “want a good smell of the cream.” We have to feel their skin condition, feeling its current needs. After basic skin care, we do not do every morning and evening mechanical duplication. According to the state choose the day of skin care products. Only the adaptable skin care approach to long-term healthy skin condition.


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