A Guide to Halloween Makeup

With Halloween fast approaching and many wallets still feeling the financial crunch many of us are left asking “how can I save money this year for Halloween?” Costumes can cost an average of $ 25 – $ 50 apiece and that’s not counting the accessories and makeup that go along with them.

Many people don’t know that there are ways to create the same effect of store bought makeup with many items sitting on a grocery store shelf or even located somewhere in your home. Many items such as fake blood can easily be created at home.

Corn Syrup Blood

1 oz. red food coloring
1 oz. washing detergent (Do not add for edible blood!)
1 oz. water
16 oz. White corn syrup
A drop of blue food coloring

Mix the ingredients together to create the fake blood. Condensed milk can be added to make it less transparent and more like real blood. The Corn Syrup Blood is extremely sticky and can stain clothes and skin. Use warm water for your skin and stain remover for your clothes.

Be sure to plan ahead. Planning is the key to any successful event. If you wait too long there is always the possibility of not finding the item you are looking for.

Take your time. Most makeup kits if purchased from a store contain only enough contents to create the one desired effect. If you hurry the process and don’t read the instructions you could find yourself having to go without or even worse having to purchase another. There is nothing quite as spooky as a vampire with only one fang!

When you decide it’s time to get ready, figure out if it’s best to put your costume on first or wait until you have put on your makeup. If you can easily put on your costume without disturbing your makeup or getting it on your costume, do your makeup first. If your costume is difficult to put on place a towel around your neck to avoid drips and spills.

Pull back your hair. This will keep your hair from disturbing your makeup and give you a clearer view of your face.

Think first. Grab a mirror and plan where you want to apply your makeup. This could possibly help prevent frustrating mistakes and possibly give you better ideas. Avoid placing makeup near the eyes.

Have Fun! Its Halloween be creative! If you make a mistake hopefully you gave yourself enough time to clean up and start again. Nothing is ever too crazy for Halloween!



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