Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

There are many blue-eyed women today who do not bat even a lash when they apply the eyeshades and try the tricks with which their true eye color would get more enhanced. Eye shades is one thing which makes the face more pretty and increase the overall beauty and personality. Luckily, there are many ways for making your eye the most attractive part of your face.

It can be done by using the perfect eye shadow color, eyeliner shades, concealing the under-eye circles, maximizing the lashes etc. Those who are blessed with the blue eyes have a number of options for choosing the eye shadow colors and a flattering makeup. For instance, neutral shades like champagne, camel, taupe and even the dark chocolate color accentuate this eye color. Some women might balk at the very thought of wearing the eye shadow of this color but the correct shade looks very trendy and it emphasizes the eye in such a way that no other color really can.

Eye Colors and Shadows

There are a number of choices present in the market today for the eye shadows. It includes a wide range of the powdered, liquid and cream forms of the eye shadow formulations. Powder form of eye shadows is the most famous type for the makeup of eyes. It comes in an endless variety of colors to suit the blue eye color. The cream eye shadows are supposed to be very easy over the eye and have good staying power. The increasingly famous liquid eye shadow has an advantage that it goes very smoothly, dries real quick and it lasts throughout your day. Although, before applying any color of the eye shadow, you need to use a good layer of base on each eye for preventing the eye shadow from clumping and gathering in your eyelid crease.


Using good quality eyeliner is another indispensable tool in makeup to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your blue eyes. Using the eyeliners of colors like camel, brown, light purple, taupe, gray, silver and lavender would make the eye color looks even bluer. If you wish to make the eye color really pop up then you need to use the eyeliner shades like charcoal and dark brown but the steer clear of the jet black shades. The eyeliners usually come in pencil and liquid formulations, with pencils creating a much softer look and liquid eyeliners providing a very dramatic look. You can try lining your inner rims as well with a white color kohl pencil. This would not only open the eyes but it would also make the blue eyes makeup appear brighter.

Mascara for blue eyes

Another way to brighten your eye color is to maximize the eyelashes. You can do so with the help of a lash curling mascara and an eyelash curler. Both of these products transform the stick-straight lashes to curled and long masterpieces, which is going to accentuate your eye color even more. For more length and glamour to your blue eyes, try the false eyelashes. Just make sure that the fake eyelashes match your own line of lashes. If necessary, you can also trim them for giving that perfect look to your makeup.


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