Intellectual Light Blue Eye Makeup

In the late autumn weather is getting cooler, the most suitable make a big fuss in the eye, feeling a little heavy makeup can balance the weight of coats and sweaters. 2010 autumn and winter makeup, eye color and has a more refined on the pursuit, and today we bring Smart Eyes blue line shape, with small side eye shadow, eye makeup trend in autumn and winter show.
Building steps:

step1: first blue-green eye shadow applied to the entire orbital position, and the range can be a little exaggeration, because after the paste may dispense with false eyelashes cover.
step2: After using the same color of eye shadow to outline under the liner, but the lines will not be too thick, otherwise it will over-exaggerated.
step3: first posted the false eyelashes long and sparse on the eyelids in the position, but we can first be trimmed before pasting.
step4: false eyelashes previously posted relatively sparse, and can be combined with lashes, but be careful of two heavy eyelashes? Paste, the glue weight not too much, it will be very easy to shift.
step5: rouge mainly in red tones, but try to hit when sweeping brush on the ramp, with oblique angle so that a more slender face shape.
step6: pink lip color is chosen to ensure that the makeup of a deep feeling of slightly more than bright colors, but also enhance the lips of the rich feeling.
Style Characteristics: The blue eye makeup based mainly seizing on those cold fall and winter, freezing of the static beauty, and thus brings out the girls quiet and stable personality. Liner with a little silver, making the eye makeup would not get boring, or inaccessible to give cool sense of distance, increased the degree of vitality and soft, it is suitable for everyday wear the OL. Effects: God’s big eyes make you more capability in the workplace and flame
MAC eyeliner is waterproof, so you can rest assured that use, do not worry be smudged eyeliner. Characteristic is lasting, waterproof, prevent dizzy. Texture relatively smooth, relatively smooth and painted smoked makeup can do! Very soft, not dry skin caused by difficulty of the situation, and the color clear, random match eye shadows, easy to use.

Role: durable waterproof can be maintained for 6-8 hours, easy to blooming. Brushwork and soft, silky smooth. Passionate and a variety of colors, color saturation and elegant, make your eyes attractive sexy. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested do not cause allergies, contact lens wearers can be safe to use. Contains plant extracts of smoked eyeliner MAC wonderful texture soft and smooth, velvet texture with eye shadow with a jewel-like shine looking results.
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MAC Cosmetics with a high degree of creativity and avant-garde concept, developing the MAC Cosmetics Outlet incomparable distinctive style. MAC colour bold innovation, subverts the traditional style, grasps of, is the most simple ordinary several spiritual concept, humanitarian, equality, business of justice and responsibility.


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