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So me and my best friend Tamika R were having a conversation on my new hair style which I love and we got to talking about black hair cuts/styles which I know nothing about. We talked for like 3 hours about it and I learned a lot, so I thought I would share what I learned with everyone else like me who knows nothing about black hair.

About Black Hair
First of all black hair breaks really easy so you have to take really good care of it. It is naturally very wavy, kinky and tangles very easily. It tends to be really dry.

Braids, glues, relaxers and extension are very bad for hair. All of these techniques weaken hair and can cause long term damage. If you pull braids to tight you can cause the hair to break, which in turn can cause a receding hair line. Hot combs can also cause hair loss and damage.

Black Hair Cuts/Styles
So there are a lot of hair styles for black women these days, but generally they all fall under 7 very basic categories.

Afro – for a free natural look
Bob – straightened hair that is layered for a very sheek look
Pull Back – for short hair, add texture to show off wavy hair.
Long Hair – This is a classic that is easy to add curls too.
Ponytail – Easy to do for that on the go woman.
Braids – Very popular, always in style
Dreads – Thick braids, natural look where hair is twisted and knotted into position.

More About Dreads
If you are going to wear dreadlocks please follow these hints to make it easier.

Wash twice a week. If you don’t they will itch and start to smell.
Don’t wash too much because they will dry out.
Use a shampoo for black hair like PFS Moisture Shampoo, so your hair does not dry out.
Rinse and dry well.
Keep dreads hydrated in between washes with a leave in conditioner like PFS Strengthening Mist.
Use oil treatments to reduce frizz.
Never strain them.
Once you get the dreads it’s recommended that you do not use harsh chemicals on them.

So that’s pretty much it I learned a lot and I hope you did two I recommended the products above because Tamika said that they really worked for her. As usual thanks for listening and if you have any feedback I would love to hear it.

So today I have to give credit my friend Tamika she really opened my eyes about black hair. I was really clueless about it up until now. I mentioned two products above that Tamika has been using for about 2 years now. She gets them from a black hair cuts/styles website.
If you would like to learn more click on the link I included.

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